Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GRE Word List

Looking at Manjish mugging up the word list, I was wondering what is the use of drinking up this list which you will never use in your life. I thought this might be a way to test language but then language is what is used today. Not some long list of words that are never used. Then the word list thing may be just a way to test your hard work and patience. But then there could be better ways to test that. You could simply look at the projects or publications or recommendations. If you wanted a standardized test score there may be some better way to do that. The word list thing appears very strange to me.

Compared to the GRE, GMAT seems a much more thought out test. It has Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction which at least on the face seem to test concepts that are needed everyday. Other than these, it has simple math as well as writing skills test. Overall GMAT appears to be a much better indicator of a person's personality than the GRE.


Deboshri Paul said...

I would just like to put in a correction. GRE has just about everything that you just mentioned about GMAT.. the RCs, sentence corrections, writing tests, reasoning... all of which I guess are ample to judge the original knowledge and flair of a certain candidate as you said. And yeah, a quants section as well!

Seems you were unaware...... :)

Anyways.. it's nice to read your blog. Keep it going!

abhinav said...

Seems like I missed a critical 'ONLY'. GMAT has only those things that I mentioned and mugging up a word list would not help you at all. Whereas the GRE seems to put a lot of emphasis on the vocabulary. I have seen a couple of friends screw up their verbal score because they did not know the words in the first couple of questions.

Basically the point that I am trying to make is that there are elements in the GRE which really do not do any good.

abhinav said...

and yeah.. thanks for the comment.. :)

Deboshri Paul said...

Yeah.. you missed a critical "ONLY".. but I agree with you to a certain point about the needlessness of a long list of words, but a shorter and more relevant word list could be welcome, as international candidates for higher studies in the USA and UK need to work on their English, which remains a fact.

But that's fine- just a clash of opinions this one. Healthy!

abhinav said...

Right... I would agree on a shorter word list where the words are actually from daily use and are not some obscure words rarely used.

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