Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life comes back a full circle

While teaching the first-yearites today in the Java tutorial, I realized that life comes around a full circle. I was teaching with full enthusiasm and energy. Yet, there was a person who was sleeping and another one who seemed to be interested only in biting nails. Looking at that I realized for the first time how painful it is when you are putting in all your efforts and you do not see them being reciprocated from the other side, Coming to think of it, this fifth year is teaching me a lot of different things.


Haan wahin. said...

Maine yeh tabhi bola tha jab Ngupta ma'am ESO210 padha rahi thi ki camouflage mode mein sona ek important skill hai zindagi mein.

abhinav said...

tab maine iska significance realize nahi kiya tha.. ab pata chal raha hai..

atashi jain said...

Be a lenient teacher man!!!
When you see folks around you sleeping you gotha (Sarah Palin style)do it in a more interesting way!!!
Reach out to the commoners(Hail Sarah Palin ;-) )