Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What to blog?

Till the time one does not maintain a blog, one keeps wishing that if there was a blog what all one could write and share with others. But once you set up a blog, it becomes difficult to actually pen down anything. Not that the ideas stop coming, they are still there aplenty. But a process of evaluation kicks in. At least, with me this happens quite a lot. I start thinking whether should I even share this or should I keep it to myself. What will people think about me? Will I come across as too kiddish or too mature? Or will I be revealing too much about myself? The final result is there for all to see - my second post on the blog and yet nothing substantial up there.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter :V
Just blog~
The best parts about a blog are: the comments that you get and that varied feeling you get eaching time you look back at your old posts from years ago.

Anonymous said...

er.. "... each time..."


rohitj said...

may be its time when you should stop thinking about what people will think about you after reading your post.... :)

Welcome to the blog world

maverick said...

happy blogging :)

maverick said...
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abhinav said...

I know that would be the best part. But then I need to keep writing for that long. :)

That time does not really come as one has to be conscious about one's image. :-)