Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reporting from IIT Delhi

Visiting IIT Delhi for a conference I am struck by the lack of infrastructure in the hostels. The wash rooms really need a wash. The walls are in dire need of a coat of paint. Seems like an institute which is hard strapped for cash. Looking at the hostels no one would be able to say that these are IIT hostels. Compared to IIT Kanpur, the IIT Delhi rooms are far worse than even the wash rooms of IIT Kanpur. IIT Delhi alum seriously should consider donating to uplift the hostels.

On the personal front, life is not really upbeat. Had never thought that recession would hit me personally and that too multiple times. But cannot really help it. Let's see how things finally turn out.

Another interesting thing - met a school mate who seemed to have taken the next step in life - marriage. That set me thinking. When I was growing up I had never thought that there was more to life than to study, get a job and get settled. Now looking at things I realize that life is a race which can be run in so many ways and everyone is doing it in his/her own style. It would really be wrong to brand one way as better than the other as each one has its own merits and demerits.

Will write as and when have more things to share. :-)

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such such bata...iitd mein kaun hai :P