Friday, December 5, 2008

The year that has been

A post after quite some time. I had been keeping busy with a lot of stuff. The main thing was making the right choice for my future. Now I have a moment to stop and catch my breath before I start running again.

This year has been a great learning experience for me. It has taught me how to face failures, though in a manner harder than I would have liked. But it has also taught me to hold my own come what may. A great quote that I have learnt to follow during the placement season - "Praan jaaye par bakchodi naa jaaye". For people who are challenged with Hindi, it means that you may lose your life but don't lose your attitude.

Another thing that I have seen this year is people falling apart and other people coming in close. Again the change has been really fast and drastic. People I thought who were really close have grown quite far apart and people who I thought I would not be able to gel well with have come in real close.

Hopefully the posts will continue now. Rest only time can tell. :-)


Anonymous said...

grr...main hindi se challenged nahi hoon...mujjhe hindi sahi mein aata hai

abhinav said...

yes cherian we know how much hindi you know.. :-)

Vikas Gelara said...

@Cherian: "mujhe hindi sahi mein *aati* hai".. haan bhaiya.. pata hai
@Jain: truly said-"praan jaye par backchodi na jaye".. long way to go man! agar abhi hi backchod chali gayi toh apan log mei bachega hi kya fir? :P

Anonymous said...

nahi nahi nahi woh main nahi tha (par haan mujjhe bhi aata hai). aur yeh bhi main nahi hoon waise!

Anonymous said...

main wo nahi hoon lekin main bhi anonymous post karoonga. booga!

abhinav said...

yeh saare west coast waale moto ko anonymous ka bhoot chhad gaa hai kya.. chachi apne id se post karo aage se..