Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I have a reader

Yippee. Someone read through my whole blog and yet did not comment that it was abstract. :-)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The power to read minds would be so cool

This post is because I am just feeling like posting. I could not think of a suitable title to the post. I hope I am able to come up with a title by the time I am done writing the entry. On one side the day was pretty good - met school friends. Really had a blast with them. But on the other hand the days have not been going too well. I am struggling a little with my thesis work and more than that the weather has really become chilly here in Kanpur. Also of late, I have somehow been unable to decipher what is going on in other people's mind. Earlier I felt I could see what others were feeling but now somehow I don't feel that confident of my instincts. Or actually to be honest I am not liking what my instincts are telling me these days. Somehow I have managed to screw up my relationship with a lot of people - friends, professors & even acquaintances in general. To put it in a better way - it's not that I have screwed up big time but I somehow find myself unable to live upto my expectations. But then I think the key is to hang on and see yourself through when you are not feeling very lively. (Suicide on campus does not help - it makes you feel worse only).