Friday, February 20, 2009

Interview Experience - 1

I had an interview today for admission to one of God's own institutes. It was awesome. I believe that the interview panel had one of the three notions about me -
a) This guy is great
b) This guy is a dud
c) It doesn't matter
I would wish that it was the first one, though most likely it was the last one. The reason for my feeling like this was that the interview was almost a cakewalk.

Coming to the GD, it was a total fish market. We were given a small write up on how Indian engineers were all going for software jobs instead of working on their core areas. This was causing a loss to the country. We had to discuss on this after 5 minutes of thinking time. The time given to discuss was 15 minutes. I opened the GD with a terrific (yes, I am not modest! :-)) structure but it was lost in the catfight that ensued. People just tried to throw whatever points they had thought during the thinking time without really trying to reach any conclusion. I made a couple of good points in middle stages of the GD and was pretty much satisfied with my performance. Others, I would leave it to God - people were speaking even three at a time. Finally the panel signalled to stop and the GD was over.

For the interview I was the first person on the list. There were 2 panelists - lets call them P1 and P2. I entered and was asked for the certis by P1.

P1: Where are your mark sheets?
Me: Sir, they are there.

P1: Where?
Me: (Reach across to my folder, take it out from the side pocket and hand it over)

P1: You put all your unimportant certi in front. It seems as if you don't give any importance to acads.
Me: (smiling) No, sir. It is not like that. The mark sheet was not fitting into the leaves.

P1: Ok. Introduce yourself.
Me: blah.. blah.. Pursuing a Dual Degree in Computer Science.

P2: Pursuing? You have put in entries for both years of M.Tech grades. You should indicate something that it is not over yet.
(Hand over the form to me.)
Me: I scribble 'current' in front of my grades.

P2: So did you want to hide something?
Me: No, no sir.

P2: Ok continue.
Me: Comp Science.. blah..

P1: What is your favourite area in CS?
Me: Distributed Systems and Networks.

P1: Are they same?
Me: No. Give some difference.

P1: Name one distributed system.
Me: Google.

P1: Explain how it works schematically.
Me: (Draw a diagram. Explain how a query is processed. Then he grills me on how it is ensured that duplicates are not there.)

Finally acads is over. P1 gestures to P2 to take over.

P2: You have an offer from xxxx(Software company). (Links it to the GD topic) You would also be a waste.
Me: Talk about venture being an ultimate goal for me.

P2: What is your opinion on the GD?
Me: Fishmarket. blah blah..

P2: You have won GD contests. You should have led the GD.
Me: (smiles) blah blah.

P1: Give us another area where we can grill you.
Me: Marketing for college fest.

P1: What do you mean by marketing? Channa wala also does marketing.
Me: blah blah.. sponsorships

P1: How much money did YOU get out of the sponsorships?
Me: blah blah..

P2: How many interviews have you had?
Me: This was the first one.

P2: Oh! So nice warm-up for you.
Me: (smile)

And that was it. I came out and my interview was over.

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