Friday, February 13, 2009

Techkriti Day 1

Looking at day 1 of Techkriti, I am pleasantly surprised by the increasing number of people coming to attend the fest right from day 1 and am even more happy to see a house full auditorium for the opening ceremony. Never before had I seen a house full audi for the opening ceremony of Techkriti.

The much acclaimed electrical hoardings did spread their aura and looked fabulous. Don't have the pics but have a video from around 7:00 PM at SAC which should give you a fair idea about the atmosphere of the fest.


The backdrop in the audi was also good. A small clipping for that is here.

For the endeavour stalls, these guys have come up with a nice closed tent for the whole event. This makes the whole event look a lot more professional. A video shot at 2 in the night is here. Will shoot a better one during the day and post it.

Finally a short video of the banners around SAC and also a look of the road with lights on both side.


Sizz said...

Thanks for the updates n vids dude!! :)

Bacche chaap rahe...

Shubham Gupta said...

ya thanks bhai...plz aur videos daal gives best feel...aur sun agar ho sake to ek baar bacchon ko bol de kee STV waalon ko apart from events..ek baar SAC general and banners etc ka coverage bhi kar can be useful for '10...

abhinav said...


welcome.. bachche sahi mein achcha kar rahe hai..

abhinav said...


videos daalta rahoonga as and when I shoot them..