Friday, February 13, 2009

Techkriti Day 2 Events

For me the events to watch out for would be the Software Corner events - prelims of both Chaos and Instant.
Chaos - 9:30 AM
Instant - 2:00 PM

Chaos Finals will be in the evening today at 8:00 PM. In case you are wondering what is Chaos, then Chaos is a surprise event in which you are told the language that you have to code in on the spot. That means that you get a language about which you have never heard of before and you have to learn and code solutions to the problem there and then.

Instant is a more typical run-of-the-mill on this spot programming contest.

In the talks sections today there is:
Dr. Lee Hartwell, Nobel, Physiology, Audi - 11am
Dr. habib, NASA- Audi, 5pm

For the rest read the official schedule in

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