Saturday, February 14, 2009

Techkriti Day 2

A new event called junkyard wars was added to the festival. The participants are supposed to make a working vehicle out of the junk. Here are a couple of pics:

Yesterday, I had posted a video of the Endeavour area. Here are the pics today:

This was an exhibition put up by DRDO.

This was an excellent project brought by Government Polytechnic Institute, Bikaner. They had developed a touch surface without using touch screen and had made use of infrared technology. The applications they had developed were awesome and would even give Apple run for their money for its over-hyped iphone technology.

(Thanks for all the above pics to Nitin. His photostream can be accessed at

Finally, a few pics of the banners put up around SAC:

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Shubham Gupta said...

waiting for day 3 in details