Sunday, February 15, 2009

Techkriti Day 3

As last year, virtual reality games had been put up in SAC. Actually these are more than the normal virtual reality games and are at the cutting edge of technology. In the following video we see virtual soccer being played. The setup was with the help of cameras and projector fixed on the roof above the arena.

Attended a talk by Contact Singapore for the goodie bag that they were distributing. I was quite impressed by the presenter who made full use of the one hour and did a good selling job of Singapore.

Another interesting thing for the day was the lecture by Kanwal Rekhi. For the uninitiated, he is a very famous entrepreneur and was one of the people responsible for the rise of Silicon Valley. Complete bio can be read at - He came across as a very on-the-face guy who was not afraid of speaking what he truly felt. There were quite a few things that I liked in his talk.

One great anecdote was about the image that Indians had in the 1960's in the US - it was of snake charmers and beggars. A prof called him and offered assistance since he came from a third world country. When Dr. Rekhi aced the test, the prof warned him against cheating. On the second test, the prof stood behind Dr. Rekhi and observed him throughout the test. When Dr. Rekhi aced the test again, the prof congratulated him - for excellent cheating skills.

Coming back to serious talk, he took Japan as an example and showed that it was not growing due to lack of entrepreneurial activities and due to the excessive discipline followed by the Japanese. He said that entrepreneurs were the creators of wealth. They were able to able to do because they were full of unrest and were the breakers of discipline. He then connected to India and said that India in the first 50 years could not progress because we had a wall around us. The competition is really good for growth. Talking about the differences between managers and entrepreneurs he said that the entrepreneurs were visionaries and thought about getting gains of 10x instead of 10%. They also had to be the generalists forming the link between the various departments. The final thing that he mentioned that recession was as good a time to venture out as any other time.

Post the talk I attended a 3-d movie - Shrek 3. It was good fun for reasons other that the movie. The movie (or the 3-d addition) were not really worth it and were a pain. The other fun part of trying to help someone hook up was much better.

Finally a video of the Techkriti logo at SAC which really fascinates me. Even though I have already posted a video of the same earlier but I will post another one.

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