Friday, March 13, 2009

Interview Experience - 4

From the west we move to the far east. This time the interview was not all that feel good as on earlier occasions. Anyways, since I have this blogging bug these days so I will go on to post this one too. In fact, there were 2 separate interviews and the second one was awesome so I will post that one too.

I was supposed to report at 2:00pm and I reached there by 1:40pm. There were a couple of babus sitting there verifying the certificates. If this was to be done before 2pm they should have made this known earlier. Then they started asking for photocopies of the certificates which was outrageous since they had nowhere asked for them in the interview letter. Anyhow I managed to get all of this done before 2 and reached the GD place in time.

The topic for GD was "Life is a fantasy. Reality is revealed through dreams.". A fish market GD with nothing good coming out of it. The panel stopped us 5 minutes into the GD. Then the GD started again. But was finally stopped after 2 minutes. Then everyone was asked to summarize. I could only enter once in the GD. My summary was logical and good. So overall I would rate my overall GD performance as average.

I was the first person to be interviewed by a panel numbered 17. The interview in short was weird. There were 3 panelists - let us call them P1, P2 & P3.

P2: Who is the director of IIT Kanpur?
Me: (answered)

P2: You are from Kanpur?
Me: Yes

P1: (Starts a discussion about industries in Kanpur and why they died.)
Me: Chip in with points

P1 & P2: Why don't people like you do something for Kanpur?
Me: Talk about an NGO - Parivartan but he is not very satisfied.

P2: Are you interested in politics?
Me: Yeah - decently.

P2: What happened in the Orissa assembly yesterday?
Me: (Clueless)

P1: Did you read the newspaper today?
Me: Sorry. Came by train in the morning. Did not have a chance to look at the newspaper.

P2: Ok. What is happening on the national scene?
Me: Talk about Third Front.

P2: Who are the Prime Ministerial candidates from the Third Front?
Me: Some blah.

P2: Which party does Jayalalitha belong to?
Me: Answered.

P2: Who is the Chief Minister of Karnataka?
Me: (No answer)

P2: What is roughly the age of Karunanidhi?
Me: around 80

P3 jumps into the action now.

P3: What maths courses have you done?
Me: Differential & Integral calculus.

P3: What is the difference between slope and gradient?
Me: (No idea whatsoever. First year course - don't remember shit)

P3: Relationship between normal and tangent.
Me: (No clue)

P3: But you have done these courses.
Me: Talk about being confident of picking all this up in a day's notice.

Then we get into a discussion on the usefulness / futility of exams. I ask him to probe him in Computer Science.

P3: Ok what is the time complexity of calculation of factorial?
Me: Order (n) where n is the number.

P3: In terms of digits of the number?
Me: Exponential - trying to explain him the math behind it.

P1: Ok. Your parents are both from Science background. What is their influence in asking you to go for a management degree?
Me: Some blah blah. Talk about venture and stuff.

P1: Since you are mentioning the venture so much - What do you believe are the two most essential things required for a venture?
Me: Talks about idea and team.

Px: What are the places to visit in Kanpur?
Me: Talk about Bithoor and stuff.

P2: Mythology. Culture. What do you know about Indian culture?
Me: (Blank)

P2: You have done sociology. Introduce Indian culture to a westerner.
Me: (Take some time) Some useless crap. Give one example of whatever I had read in the books.

They nod that the interview is over and I get up. I am walking towards the door when P3 starts talking.

P3: What was your percentile? What all calls do you have?
Me: Told.

Finally I walk out and the worst interview in this series is over.

After that I go to the second panel and wait for a couple of hours as I was the last guy to be interviewed by that panel. I must say before starting that this interview was awesome and if they don't like me after this interview then no one possibly can.

Again there are three panelists - P1, P2 & P3.

Starts off with some discussion about my master's and bachelor's degree in computer science. Then talk about my job offer.

P1: Why don't you go and work for that software firm? It will give you the right direction.
Me: Some blah. Talk about venture and stuff.

P1: Ok. So what are your interests? Technology?
Me: Yeah. (Take out my cell phone and flash it in front of them) Then talk about more gadgets that I have and generally how I got addicted.

P2: Ok so what is going to be next big thing in 5 years?
Me: If I knew I would be marketing that. :P Then talk about final goal being integration of human brain and technology. Only incremental improvements seemingly feasible in the next 5 years.

Some discussion follows.

P1: Ok. What else?
Me: Contemporary fiction. (Define it)

Px: Is this what is contemporary fiction?
Me: Not really. But that is what I read. Though I have even read Arudhati Roy and stuff.

P3: Ok. Tell me the story of God of Small Things.
Me: Some blah blah.

P2: Have you seen some changes in Google in the recent past?
Me: Talk about changes possible in the page ranks. Give my opinion too.

P2: Have you used for buying stuff?
Me: Yes

P2: What is the recommeded items thing?
Me: Describe it with a couple of examples.

P2: What is Softare Development Life Cycle?
Me: I don't know.

Then I start blabbering something. P3 also chips in and finally I give them a satisfactory answer. They seem pretty happy and impressed.

P1: (Jokingly) What is the funda of this beard?
Me: Tell him something.

P1: Oh this is like a gate pass.
P2: (Smiling) It also gives you a managerial look.

Then they look at each other and finally the interview was over. When I walked out of the room I was feeling very satisfied, more so because of the debacle in the previous interview.

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