Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dhoni's Strategy

Looking at people shouting for Dhoni's blood, I decided to write this post. I know, I know - this would not make much of a difference. Yet, I would write it anyways.

At the outset, I would agree that Dhoni has been into a lot of ads and has been earning a lot of money off the field. But should we be after his blood for that? You would say that his on-field performance has not been up to the mark. May be yes, may be no.

I just have the last England match for evidence as I had just watched that one. Let me still go ahead and look at the Indian Innings for you. When Dhoni came into bat, he batted real sensibly. He asked the batsman at the other to go for the big shots and kept himself for the last over. I agree that the ploy did not play off and India lost. But for another four somewhere and India would have won. The same people who are baying for Dhoni's blood today would have been all gaga over him. It is still the same Dhoni and he is still doing the best he can. It is just that for people effort does not matter and all that matters is the result.


chakresh said...

no sir, if you see the dhoni batting in WI match ... then u would know the reason of disappointment .... 13 out of 30 balls

abhinav said...

Hmm.. Right. But then Dhoni was not criticized after that match. If India would have won the England match then it would not have really mattered. In the end, it is only the result that matters.

ashkd said...

perfectly right.. i was reading the newspaper where people have criticized two things specially.. even sensible players of old times.. 1. why the bowling was preferred.. i donot know but was there any clear evidence that the batting should have been taken..
2. Jadega should not have played in place of Ojha.. i believe Ojha is pure bowler while Jadega is all rounder.. both had done great in IPL.. it is said that he was not experienced.. Last world cup final and it was debut match of Yusuf Pathan.. we won and hence this gamble worked well..

i totally agree that we are so much lunatic to watch cricket that the feeling of watching semi finals and finals without our sentiments involved for the winning/loosing team, makes us crazy.. randomness prevails over all other things. :-)

abhinav said...

hehehe.. true.

Remember the title of this blog - Random Thoughts. So Randomness totally prevails. :-)