Monday, June 22, 2009

IIM Ahmedabad

Yes! I finally reached IIM Ahmedabad yesterday - all safe and sound. Quite a feat! :-)

The luggage also reached safely, barring the tear on the big suitcase. The stuff was all intact though. The story of how the suitcase got damaged merits telling over here. I flew into Delhi from Lucknow on a JetLite flight. I had a connecting SpiceJet flight to Ahmedabad 3 hours later. SpiceJet flies from a differnt terminal than JetLite. So fair enough, I was asked to move out of the terminal 1C (JetLite one) and proceed with the luggage on the trolley to 1D (SpiceJet terminal). Now the funny part happens - when I am about to enter 1D, the airport staff asks me to change trolleys. They say that trolley from terminal 1C cannot go into 1D. Then they proceed to pick up my stuff from the trolley and damage it in the process. Not in the mood to create a great furore, I create a minor show, ensuring that a airport staff accompanies me to the check-in counter and gets my luggage checked in properly. But, the important thing over here is, why the heck does one need to change trolleys?

Coming back to the main focus of the post - IIM Ahmedabad. Coming from IIT Kanpur campus, which I should say is a little too lavish to be an educational institute, the campus seemed smaller and was a tad bit disappointing. I would definitely miss the awesome canteens and the incredible infrastructure of Kanpur campus. On the other hand, as people pointed out, IIM Ahmedabad seems to be a more functionally effecient campus with all essentials in place and running smoothly. The rooms in the old campus are 'old'. :-) New campus rooms are much better. But, life is on old campus. So overall, I am not really disappointed to be on old campus. Don't know what would I be thinking while running for my classes to the new campus in the morning. To add to my early morning woes, I have alloted the dorm which is euphemismatically called 'Living on the edge'. This issue seems to follow me from Kanpur where my department and my hostel were on the diametrically opposite ends of the institute.

Ask me to sum up the feeling in a line. It's IIM Ahmedabad!!! Top people from all over India are here. The undisputed leader. So it's good. What's lacking? Obviously, it's not Harvard, Wharton or Stanford.


ashkd said...

hehe.. last line is superb!! :P

all the best!!

abhinav said...


Jayant said...
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Jayant said...

I stumbled upon ur blog searching hall2 anthem. Gud luck aur khub bhasad machao.If you could post hall 2 anthem it would be of gr8 help :)

Anonymous said...

net ka speed kya hai?
aur haan chup chaap phone number bhej nahi toh sdlx ko maroonga

abhinav said...

This is not the place for the hall 2 anthem. Moreover, I don't really have / know it.

abhinav said...

Net speed - 34 Mbps as of now.
Number - on the PM. :-)

Vikas Gelara said...

Ahmd must be missing mashala dosa/slush/BBC in their canteens? no? :P

Vaibhav said...

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